MLF Fishing | Major League Fishing Fantasy Live 2022

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MLF Fantasy (Major League Fishing) Fishing 2022 Live: MLF or Major League Fishing is a popular fishing league in the USA. Professional anglers participate in the championship, which is hosted by MLF and telecast on world fishing networks and discovery.

Gary Klein is the co-founder of MLF or Major League Fishing since 2019. In the championship, anglers run their own boat to catch fish. the professionals follow eight regular seasons. 

MLF (Major League Fishing) Fishing lives telecast or streamed on Roku device, the channel name is MyoutdoorTV. Only in the BPT events, do the majority of anglers make $86000 each.

However, there are entry fees included in MLF (Major League Fishing) Fishing. For the 2020-2021 season, per boater pays $200 and co-anglers pay $100 for one-day qualifying. 

This is the most popular TV show among fishermen and anglers. Users can watch live matches, winners, updates, results, schedules, and timetables online. In this guide, we give you today’s MLF (Major League Fishing) Fishing updates, schedule, and other related information.

MLF Fantasy (Major League Fishing) Fishing 2022 Live

MLF Fantasy (Major League Fishing) Fishing 2022 Live

Viewers can watch the major league fishing updates live through this link

Major League Fishing – is the official website for the tournament. Here they give live updates, matches, winners, points, and other related information to the users. 

In today’s update – first place grab Brent Anderson with 43 weight. Second place goes to the spike stroker with 43-15 weights. Lastly, the thyroid place goes to Todd Walters with 43-01 points.

You can review the winner’s list from the official site of major league fishing. On the left side of the web page, there are multiple sections included. Coverage, results, details, and pairings, by clicking the link you get the details quickly.

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Major League Fishing 2022 Schedule

Major League Fishing finally released their Bass Pro Tour Schedule 2022. This world’s largest tournament-fishing organization confirms the schedule that showcases 80 world’s best bass anglers.

They compete in seven regular seasons across the country. In return, they get valuable points and millions of dollars in prize money. This 2020 bass pro tour will run from February to September.

The tournament will bring top-level excitement for the young fans and anglers, said Michael Malone, Senior Director of Events.

Six days of competition are fixed for the 2022 bass pro tour. In each stage there are catches, weigh immediate-release format, and live broadcast. So below is the MLF Fishing bass pro tour schedule for 2022.

Date – Feb. 5-10

  • Stage One 
  • Place – Carey Creek Reservoir, 
  • Lake name – D’Arbonne & Bussey Brake
  • Hosted by the Monroe-West Monroe Convention & Visitors Burea

Date – Feb. 19-24 

  • Stage – Two 
  • Place – Lake Fork | Lake Fork, Texas
  • Hosted by the Lake Fork Area Chamber of Commerce

March 2-7 

  • Stage – Three 
  • Place –  Lewis Smith Lake | Cullman, Ala.
  • Hosted by the Cullman Parks, Recreation, and Sports Tourism

Date – March 23-27

  • Place – Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees | Tulsa, Okla.
  • Hosted by the Tulsa Sports Commission, divisions of Tulsa Regional Tourism

April 9-14  

  • Place – General Tire Heavy Hitters 2022 All-Star Event at Lake Palestine | Tyler, Texas
  • Hosted by the SPORTyler

Date – April 30- May 5

  • Stage –  Four 
  • Place – Lake of the Ozarks | Osage Beach, Mo.
  • Hosted by Central Missouri’s Tri-County Lodging Association and the Lake of the Ozarks Fishing Council

A Date – June 4-9 

  • Stage – Five 
  • Place – Watts Bar Lake 
  • Hosted by the Rhea County Tourism and Fish Spring City

Date – Aug. 6-11

  • Stage  – Six 
  • Place – Cayuga Lake | Union Springs, N.Y.
  • Hosted by the Village of Union Springs

Date – Sept. 10-15

  • Stage – Seven 
  • Place – Mille Lacs Lake | Onamia, Minn.

MLF Bass Pro Tour Schedule 2023

MLF Fantasy (Major League Fishing) Fishing 2023 Live Schedule as per below:

Date – Feb. 13-18

  • Stage – One 
  • Place – Kissimmee Chain, Kissimmee, Fla.
  • Hosted by the Kissimmee Sports Commission

Date – March 8-12       

  • stage – REDCREST 2024 
  • Place – Lake Norman, Charlotte, N.C.
  • Hosted by the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority 

A Date – March 18-23    

  • Stage – Two 
  • Place – Lake Cherokee & Douglas Lake, Jefferson County, Tenn.
  • Hosted by the Jefferson County Department of Tourism 

Date – April 2-7              

  • Stage  – Three 
  • Place – Lake Murray
  • Hosted by the Capital City/Lake Murray Country Regional Tourism Board

A Date – April 24-29  

  • Place – Monroe, La.
  • Hosted by Discover Monroe-West Monroe and the Louisiana Office of Tourism

A Date – May 16-21          

  • Stage  – Four 
  • Place – Lake Guntersville
  • Hosted by Marshall County Tourism & Sports

Date – June 6-11            

  • Stage  – Five 
  • place -Lake Cayuga, Union Springs, N.Y.
  • Hosted by the Union Springs/Springport Chamber

Date – June 24-29        

  • Stage –  Six 
  • Place – Lake St. Clair
  • Hosted by the Detroit Sports Commission, Macomb County

Aug. 1-6                

  • Stage – Seven 
  • Place – Saginaw Bay
  • Hosted by Bay City, Michigan

These are the details for the MLF bass pro tour schedule. There are several seasons included in the table. Only top 10 anglers Wil promoted to the main spot.

The winning amount is millions of dollars. This can be a life-changing fishing tournament for anglers worldwide. Below, we give you the roadmap of major league fishing. “MLF Fantasy (Major League Fishing) Fishing 2022 Live”

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MLF (Major League Fishing) Roadmap

MLF (Major League Fishing) announced they reached an agreement to acquire Fishing League Worldwide (FLW). This is the world’s largest fishing tournament organization. MLF also release their road map for the tournament.

High School and College Fishing Championship

Fishing teams from high school and college also grab the opportunity to make a future in fishing. It gives young anglers a chance to participate in the world’s largest fishing tournament. 

Weekend Anglers Championship

MLF also offers Bass Fishing League tournaments for weekend anglers. They can experience an adventure ride with this championship. They can participate in the BFL and win big prize money. 

Pro Angler Championship

Pro anglers have the chance to qualify for the Fishing League Worldwide (FLW). In a single season, 40 professionals are promoted to the FLW pro circuit. Rest 40 anglers can also be assigned for the next FLW series. FLW pro circuit is the final spot to enter the MLF bass pro tour. End of the season top 10 anglers will be promoted for the non-fee bass pro tour. 

FAQs  – MLF Fantasy (Major League Fishing) Fishing 2022 Live

Below are the most asked questions related to the topic. Drop down to get a quick answer.

Can you watch Major League Fishing live?

Yes, you can watch major league fishing online. You just need to visit where the tournament is streaming live. Either you can download the MLF mobile app or search on

What channel is MLF on today?

MLF Bass Pro Tour will stream this Saturday from 7 pm to 9 pm. Viewers can watch two hours of telecast on channels like Discovery, KISSIMMEE, and Fla. You can also visit for live updates, results, schedules, and winners.

Who won the Major League Fishing tournament today?

Professional angler Dustin Connell won the tournament today. Also, the winners get $100,000 as prize money. In the second position, there is David Walker, who got the prize money of $45000 and the third position goes to Michael Neal. This guy makes $ 38000 for the position. Lastly, the fourth place goes to Dakota Ebare who makes $32,000. You can get live updates from the official site of 

What is the payout for Major League Fishing?

$67,000 is the top award for each boater. There are other bonuses like $7,000 Phoenix for qualified anglers. Co’s anglers get $50,000 from each regional.

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So this is the detailed guide about “MLF Fantasy (Major League Fishing) Fishing Live 2022”. As mentioned, this is the world’s best fishing tournament. The world’s best anglers participate in the league and make millions as rewards.

A total of 80 players were selected for the seven seasons in this tournament. You can watch live matches on the official site For more info about fishing, follow this website.

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